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For Global Impact

We are a Venture Capital firm empowering founders to scale their businesses through expert operational support and a global network of resources.

What we look for.

We are a team of CEOs turned Investors.


Combined Years of

CEO Experience


Assets Under Management


IPOs Amongst

the Partners

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As part of our 'Freemium Model,' we offer operational guidance to all entrepreneurs with the goal of scaling go-to-market strategy and operational efficiency.

We are excited about 4 major areas:

Artificial Intelligence
Enterprise SaaS
Consumer Internet
Smart Hardware

How we can help.

We take on the Lead Investor role and syndicate with other institutional venture firms to inject capital.

EnvisionX Capital provides advice and guidance from experienced executives on building a global business.

We can help with operational infrastructure, hiring, governance, branding, financial planning and legal administration.

We provide access to global resources through our extensive and trusted networks in supply chain and software development.

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